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Our Team

exington is proud of the team of highly accomplished professionals that we have assembled. They come together after years of experience in industry, commercial lending, various financial institutions and other investment banking groups - generally, at much larger organizations - and have chosen to work at Lexington for its flexibility, its creativity, its entrepreneurial spirit and the prospect of working on a more interesting, wider-range of assignments.

Our professionals have extensive experience across the entire spectrum of traditional investment banking activities and their diverse backgrounds span finance, operations, real estate, legal and accounting. Together, they aggregate over 100 years of capital markets, commercial lending, real estate financings, corporate finance and management experience with well-known Institutional firms such as GE Capital, Lehman Brothers, Fuji Bank, JPMorgan Chase, Heller Financial, Finova Capital, Arthur Anderson in addition to operational experience at companies such as IBM, AT&T, FedEx and others.

The professionals at Lexington have accumulatively raised or facilitated in their careers in excess of $12 billion in private and public equity and debt and over $10 billion in real estate and project financings. Their professional accomplishments are extraordinary, and the sophisticated knowledge they provide to the firm is an invaluable resource to our clients.