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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Lexington Capital a 'boutique' or a regional investment banking firm?

From a business point of view, we view ourselves as a nationwide, full-service, boutique investment bank. Boutiques and regional firms do business in an area defined by either a geographical area, specialty or transaction size. In Lexington’s case, it is transaction size. We specialize in capital raises of $10 to $500 million in equity and debt for profitable middle-market businesses. We are not bound by regional or hemispheric boundaries.

In fact, in any given week, there is usually a Lexington employee on a plane to some far part of the U.S. or maybe to another country. Whether a company is public or private, our professionals have management and transaction advisory expertise in capital markets, domestic and international companies as well as emerging market sectors such as Asia, Europe and Mexico. The firm focuses on providing direct senior-level attention to its institutional clients, and does not offer retail brokerage services.