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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I need an investment bank and what does it involve?

As companies grow and evolve, they will likely have increasing needs for addressing capital structure, financing arrangements, management infrastructure and operational issues. Often, existing management have limited exposure to dealing with these kinds of issues, and, more importantly, it does not have the time or resources to address them. This is true whether you are a CFO of a multi-national, NYSE-listed company or a business owner of a $40 million manufacturer.

Our experienced professionals are adept at independently reviewing and evaluating a company's situation in order to identify financial and alternative approaches for management to consider in the context of the company’s goals. Our hands-on approach enables its client to continue to run its business and meet its projections, which is a critical factor in successfully attracting institutional financing sources.

In general, Investment Banking broadly consists of 2 parts – origination and execution. Great origination requires in-depth understanding of client needs (both financial and strategic) and the market, industry & business environment. This understanding enables the firm to design customized solutions for clients - whether it is strategic initiatives like M&A, growth financing or restructuring or recapitalizations. Execution begins once the client signs on the investment bank to convert the business plan into a successfully financed deal with the right strategic institution or buyer. Our overall goal is to customize solutions for our clients which minimize dilution and optimize their capital structure.