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Frequently Asked Questions

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If I want to sell my business, should I hire an investment banker?

At times, business owners feel that because they’re successful at running a company they can handle the sale of their business just as well. But this can be a dangerous approach. An advisor allows you to offload a lot of the distractions involved in a sale, enabling you to concentrate on running your business. And there’s no more important time for a company to be firing on all cylinders than when you are looking to attract a buyer. There really is no downside to initiating a discussion with an investment banker. At a minimum you will gain insight from the banker.

By assessing your business operations, financial condition, trends and management team, an experienced investment banker can help you prepare your business and time your transaction for optimal results. One of the main advantages of a banker’s involvement is their ability to generate multiple interested buyers, which can drive deal terms that favor your business.

For example, you could have two different suitors offering $50 million for your company, but no two $50 million offers look alike. Reps and warranties, employment agreements, the amount of cash versus stock versus earnout – all of these components can be very different. That’s why having an experienced investment banker hammering out details is crucial. Not to mention, competition provides a negotiating lever. Any advisor you select will have your best interests in mind when negotiating the sale of your company. Perhaps we are biased, but we feel we are best suited and equipped to handle all your M&A needs.