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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Lexington ever partner with other investment banks or equity groups?

Yes. We believe in taking advantage of partnering opportunities whether they be professionals, institutions, equity groups or lenders whenever possible and wherever appropriate - bringing to bare such complimentary resources needed - to fulfill our obligation to our clients. In the end, we feel strongly that good business relationships are a major contributing factor to success.

From time-to-time, if warranted, our Friends operate as an adjunct to Lexington\'s in-house capabilities and work side-by-side with us on transactions that extend beyond our own investment banking services.  This means that regardless of size, complex scope or unique circumstances of a transaction, Lexington is able to provide public and private companies with customized financing solutions across an even broader range of transactions and industries.

Whether it\'s a large capital raise, acquisition or a complex structured finance transaction, Lexington helps clients succeed.