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Financial Restructuring - Investment Banking Services   

exington has significant experience in assisting ‘troubled’ companies facing difficult financial situations. We advise debtors, creditors and acquirors of companies that are involved in reorganization proceedings, recapitalizations or out-of-court restructurings.

Whether it’s assisting in restructuring a company's balance sheet or identifying  financial investors and buyers, we carefully assess various options for reorganizing the company’s capital structure in order to generate liquidity, increase shareholder value or gain greater operational flexibility.

Our clients come to us for:

  • Arranging mergers with strategic partners
  • Section 363 asset sales
  • Raising debt or equity capital
  • Divesting corporate assets
  • Chapter 11 recapitalizations and strategy
  • Asset sales pursuant to assignments for the benefit of creditors
  • Devising new capital structures to manage cash outflows
  • Arrange and negotiate a corporate acquisition
  • Renegotiating existing debt
  • Exit Financings

Restoring order, stability and clarity to an organization during ‘distressed’ times requires unique leadership skills and a firm command of financial, operational and legal issues.  The ability to move decisively and with precision toward the most beneficial solutions for stakeholders is essential to the survival and success of the client’s enterprise.

In recapitalization's, we are actively involved in advising management and business owners on the financial restructuring of their company's balance sheet. A recapitalization is an ideal alternative for owners wishing to sell a portion of their company for liquidity, estate planning purposes, or asset diversification while retaining majority ownership and control, if desired.

Businesses facing challenging financial circumstances are often not effectively served by “cookie-cutter”  restructuring approaches. We work closely with turnaround consultants to formulate and negotiate workout plans among creditors, debtors, and equity holders and our financial restructuring services are focused on preserving company value.

At Lexington, our client-focus extends to the most complex transactions. To us, transactions, no matter what size or degree of complexity, are not isolated events. They are part of a long-term relationship, and we bring to bear our strengths across businesses, geographies, asset classes and industry groups, to ensure the best possible outcome for each client.

All client engagements are treated with the utmost confidentiality. Contact Us