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Charitable Giving Program

As a firm, we take great pride in being a strong corporate citizen in the communities where we live and work. And, one way that we fulfill that commitment to corporate citizenship is through company-wide philanthropy.

At Lexington, we provide the means for our members to engage in community giving by supporting and encouraging our members participation in community programs where their personal leadership and involvement really makes a difference. The Lexington Charitable Giving Program encourages these commitments by striving to direct support to charities in which our members play an active and meaningful role.

The Charitable Giving Program seeks to identify not-for-profits in our community that are doing innovative work mostly in our focused area of giving, and to encourage that work with contributions supporting specific programs of these organizations.

Naturally, one of the most difficult aspects of charitable giving is determining where to direct your charitable giving contribution. There are many worthwhile organizations in the community doing important work - in meaningful ways. We recognize that their very existence, in large part, depends upon gifts from the heart.

At the core of Lexington’s charitable giving strategy is neighborhood excellence. We support more than 10 deserving organizations, but organizations that aid children who have special needs, victims of domestic violence, youth sports programs, education for disadvantaged, family and children, community health initiatives, and assistance to at-risk children is our highest priority.

In the future, The Lexington Charitable Giving Program will seek to develop multi-year partnerships with several local non-profit organizations. These may include: (Examples)

  • Misericordia Heart Of Mercy
  • Cowboy Dream
  • The Glass Slipper Project
  • Dream for Kids
  • Teen Parent Connection
  • New Horizon Center
  • Little Friends, Inc
  • Cubs Care
  • Bright Pink
  • Rainbow House 

In an attempt to make a difference, the Charitable Giving Program provides principal funding of five percent (5%) of the firms net profits and this funding is donated and distributed to these very deserving organizations (2009). Our efforts, however humble and inadequate, enable our employees to contribute charitable giving with a lasting social impact by sponsoring key community initiatives.

The Program provides a simple, powerful, and highly personal approach to giving and our commitment to core giving is grounded in values that inspire us – and ground us. As a result, Lexington is committed to supporting endeavors that empower organizations that make a difference and in turn, that inspire others.

Lastly, we believe that our company's success is tightly linked with the economic health and social conditions of the communities where we operate and serve. We believe ordinary people are capable of extraordinary things and that empowered people feel a greater sense of responsibility to themselves and their communities.

There is no question you can “do well by doing good”, which is why Lexington continues to look at ways to contribute and improve our performance as a good corporate citizen - while producing sound and sustainable financial achievements for our clients - as well as our Firm.


The Lexington Charitable Giving Program does not provide funds, or charitable contributions in support of the following: 

  • Endowment
  • Capital campaigns, fundraiser or gala events
  • General operating expenses or advertising expenses
  • Individuals, labor, religious, fraternal organizations or sports groups
  • Fund raising events such as raffles, telethons, walk-a-thons or auctions
  • Special events such as conferences, symposia or sports competitions
  • Organizations that discriminate with respect to membership or the provision of services or use of  facilities.
  • Organizations that influence legislation, political parties or campaigns
  • Advocacy or research groups, hospitals; colleges or universities
  • Catechetical work of churches or sectarian organizations
  • United Way - and affiliated agencies
  • Government entities, medical education and research programs, scholarships
  • Veterans’ and fraternal organizations (police and firefighter, etc.)
  • Professional and trade associations
  • Individual requests for aid or local hardship contributions
  • Capital improvement, building projects or equipment purchase campaigns
  • Courtesy advertising
  • Disaster relief campaigns
  • Individual artists, films, and the performing arts
  • Organizations that do not have a valid Section 501 (c) (3) public charity status or Section 170 (c) (1) status
  • Organizations that are not in full compliance with anti-terrorism, money-laundering or other criminal laws, including, without limitation, the USA Patriot Act.
  • Organizations that are controlled by, or a majority of whose senior executive or directorial positions are held by, employees, clients or customers of Lexington, or their affiliates.